Adopt Don’t Shop! – Meet Wynston a Puppy Mill Survivor!


Meet Wynston the best companion a dog mum could ask for

Wynston was found on the street by his owner Amanda in February 2012. Being a puppy mill dog, Wynston was found terrified and severely unhealthy. With the help of his new found owner Amanda at the time, Wynston was given all the care he needed with regular trips to the Vets and blankets to shield him from the cold. 

Wynstons story is a reminder of why puppy mills should not exist. 

A puppy mill is a largescale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the wellbeing of its dogs—who are often severely neglected—and acts without regard to responsible breeding practices.

On a brighter note, Wynston is now recovering well, with the support of his Facebook friends and of course his owner Amanda. Wynston get an abundance of love and care in the form of cuddles, homemade treats and the coolest LED tech collars!


Friend Wynston on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wynstonchihuahua) and visit his blog (http://www.dogmomdays.com)– to gain more information on responsible animal care, health tips, homemade dog food/treat recipes and fun activities to do with your pet!

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