Meet Petsy’s Insta-Famous Pets – Insta-Famous Pets That Are Taking Over the Instagram World

Hamilton the Hipster Cat


Some cats are born cool, some achieve coolness, others have coolness thrust upon them. But few have a hipster moustache. Hint, humans: it looks better on a cat. 


Follow Hamilton on Instagram: http://instagram.com/darcytheflyinghedgehog

If it Wags The Pointer Brothers


These hounds combine wag and swag, and have got the animal lovers of Instagram so excited (ahem). The Pointer Brothers are pictured doing everything from wearing their owners out on the beach to wearing the latest pet fashions. Here they trying out their gangsta\’ look, mixing a bit of wuff with the smooth.

Screen Shot 20140929 at 11.19.44

Follow The Pointer Brothers: http://instagram.com/ifitwags

Jamon the Pig 


This perfect porcine is enough to make you pass on bacon butties for life. Never seen in the same outfit twice, he\’s equally at home in a jaunty hat, Brazil shirt or dressed up as a pirate. Nervous around pork pie hats though.

Screen Shot 20140930 at 13.26.25

Follow Jamon the Pig: http://instagram.com/p/q9wZY3OjYp/?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign =photo&modal=true

Cute Bubu


No guesses for how this little lady got her moniker. This Instagram account contains so much cuteness that the internet might just explode. She\’s hanging out with Alvin, Simon and Theodore! She\’s packing her own teenytiny suitcase! She\’s hanging out in her own tiny paddling pool and enjoying a chinchillasized cocktail! Enough, now, back in the cage. BACK IN THE CAGE.


Follow Cute Bubu: http://instagram.com/cute_bubu– 

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog


Pet photography doesn\’t get much better than this. Darcy\’s very own hedgehographer\’ has an eye for the perfect shot, and creates beautiful, stylised images of this instafamous pet. And this little guy clearly doesn\’t get prickly in the studio he\’s happy to pose with other celebs such as the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Gizmo from Gremlins. 

Note: does contain some weirdness…

– darcy

Follow Darcy on Instagram: http://instagram.com/darcytheflyinghedgehog

Grumpy Cat– 


Why, it\’s the Smiths\’ back catalogue in feline form, and heaven knows she\’s miserable miaow. It can only be Grumpy Cat. A face that suggests a cataclysmic catnip shortage has won this internet superstar global acclaim. And it seems like misery really does love company; she\’s featured everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to Good Morning America, and will star in her very own film this festive season. And a very grumpy Christmas to you too.


Follow Grumpy Cat on Instagram: http://instagram.com/realgrumpycat


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