Petsy Goes Hand In Hand With Facebook – So You Can Stay Connected With Your Facebook ‘Furr-friends’!

– Did you know that 1 out of 10 pets in the UK are on Facebook? 

This is exactly why Petsy will be linked directly to Facebook, allowing pets and pet lovers to stay connected with their furry Facebook ‘furrfriends’! 

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Pet owners and animal lovers alike have created hundreds and thousands of Facebook accounts for their beloved furry friends. Facebook’s hidden community of pet lovers has brought to light the existence and desire of pet owners wanting to show off their pets whether it be for their cute furry ways or for their impeccable fashion style and accessories. Facebook has created an opportunity for pet lovers to connect, share stories and experiences. 

This is the exact reason why Petsy has decided to integrate with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Petsy allows users to communicate with other pet owners, make new friends, interact with pet profiles and share and comment on photos, while still connecting with existing followings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Petsy allows pet lovers to share their pets adventures and photos whilst also allowing them to shop for the latest and coolest accessories and pet products directly via Petsy’s mobile and app store! 

Register today for exclusive access at www.petsy.co








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