Today on the blog, we propose an activity for you & your dog … Ever heard of Doga?

Yes, we’re talking Doga on the blog today …That’s Yoga for dogs (and of course their owners!)

Just like humans, dogs equally benefit from yoga. Doga allows the parasympathetic nervous system to override the active nervous system which is responsible for your Dogs “Fight or Flight ” trigger. So I guess that means its time to get moving with your dogs, but this time in a studio with a yoga matt by your side! 

Your dog is the DOGI + you are the YOGI = Together you create DOGA.


Doga was brought to London by Mahny Djahanguiri and has since then been featured in many magazines and has also appeared in hit reality series Made In Chelsea, where the reality stars were seen practising yogic exercises with their pet pooches! 


– Doga incorporate canine massage, yogic stretches , chanting , breathing and lots and lots of cuddles.

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