Wearable Tech for Four-Legged Friends

Wearable tech is the making headlines all over the world, but why should only twolegged folk get to enjoy it? We look at what\’s coming up in wearable tech for pets…



Ever wondered what your pet gets up to when you\’re not around? With Eyenimal you can find out. Simply attach to your pet\’s collar and then playback the recording of what they\’ve been up to. Cue acrimonious discussions with your cat about why exactly they  think it\’s OK to spend so much time with the family next door (“Am I not ENOUGH for you  Fluffy?!”) and an uncomfortable atmosphere when you find your dog spends his time growling at your family portrait while making a neckcutting action with his paw. Or maybe he just sleeps, whatever.



Working a little bit like fitness tracker for a human, Whistle provides a visual summary of your dog\’s daily activities, including walks, playtime and periods of rest. You can set a daily goal for active\’ periods and monitor how your pooch is doing throughout the day. If the tracker shows your pet is spending too much time lounging about looking quizzically at the television, you can set goals for upping their physical activity.

My Dog\’s Voyce


Forget His Master\’s Voice, this year it\’s all about My Dog\’s Voyce, and more specifically, what he is urgently trying to tell me. My Dog\’s Voyce, measures key vital signs and other wellness indicators through wearable technology and proprietary algorithms\’ in other words, if your dog is feeling sick, this piece of kit  will let you know. Perfect for the hypochondriac pet owner in your life.

No More Woof


This prototype, which makes the rather audacious  claim of  helping to break the language barrier between animals and humans, uses the latest EEGsensors, Micro Computing and Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) software to map out your dog\’s brain functions and translate\’ into words. According to their research, the most easily detected neural patterns in pets are “I\’m hungry”, “I\’m tired”, “I\’m curious who is that?” and “I want to pee”.

We\’d definitely be hoping that  our pooch revealed himself to have some sort of BryanfromFamilyGuy interior life and could be found musing on whether there will ever be peace in the Middle East and whether the Big Bang Theory really is the most viable explanation for the existence of the Earth.

Tagg Pet GPS



This lightweight, easy to use GPS tracking device attaches to your pet\’s collar and means it  easy  to locate and track your pet if they, quite literally, go walkies. No more putting up posters around town trying to locate your errant mutt what\’s not to like?

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